Bend Arts & Culture Tours

About Bend Arts & Culture Tours

Art in Public Places, Private Places & Art Where You’d Never Expect Art! Incredible exhibitions of art in Bend Oregon like you have never seen before!

arts, culture & photography the cascades
North Sister framed by Roger Berry’s Lodestar

Our art and culture tours are inspirational explorations of Bend’s amazing art scene highlighting cultural contributions by Art in Public Places and local artists and makers.

arts, culture & photography the stair murals
The Old Mill’s commercial district is also an amazing arts and culture destination for those who enjoy murals, music, movies and more. (Yuya Negishi 2015)

Experience amazing Roundabout Art, unique sculpture styles, curious murals, “art-rageous” yard decor and enjoy Bend’s must-see sights like the iconic “Flaming Chicken” and “Crazy Rock People”

arts, culture & photography the flaming chicken
Phoenix Rising by Frank Boyden.

SEGWAY Arts & Cultural Tour of Bend

The art’s and culture scene in Bend continues to draw the attention of aficionados from around the world. In addition to the can't-not-see sights like Bend's “flaming chicken” this tour also visits the "wandering rocks", "space port zero", and a 100+ year old local arts classic in Downtown. Keep an eye out for a variety of sculpture styles, curious murals, community projects and more while gliding around town with us.

Electric Bike Arts & Cultural Tour of Bend

This tour is all about appreciation - art culture, fun electric bikes and the beauty of Bend. You’ll see art in roundabouts, parks, alleys, neighborhoods and other hidden spots that only locals know about. We’ll stop in on some working artists to see the process in person and check out community work spaces occupied by local artists of all kinds.