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About Cascade Sunset Spectacular Tours

Scenic tours cascade sunset views cascade sunset views and delicious craft brews! Our classic Cascade Sunset Spectacular tours are simply the best way to end a great day in Bend. All the history, sights, shops, eateries and breweries of Bend and Central Oregon, culminating with stunning sunsets over the magnificent peaks of the Cascades!

Cascade Sunset Spectacular tours include many of the incredible highlights from our City Sights, Arts and Culture and Craft Brewery tour offerings of give you more than just amazing sunsets.

scenic tours cascade sunset views with earth tone clouds above

You can experience your Cascade Sunset Spectacular tour on any one of our tour mobiles. SEGWAY your way in and around parts of the city few are able to see. eCruiser Car and Electric Bike sunset adventures let you glide through your tour with the wind in your hair and all the amazing sights everywhere you turn.

All our Cascade Sunset Spectacular tour offerings culminate with an incredible light show over the mighty Cascades that won’t soon be forgotten. All the best that Bend and Central Oregon have to offer. You simply can’t go wrong on our incredible Cascade Sunset Spectacular Tours!

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SEGWAY Cascades Sunset Spectacular Tour

Spectacular views, stunning Cascade Sunsets and more SEGWAY fun! A grand combination of our City, Brewery and Arts and Culture tours culminating with incredible views and brews and amazing sunsets. This SEGWAY Cascade Sunset Spectacular tour is simply the perfect way to experience and enjoy a magical evening in Bend Oregon.

Electric Bike Sunset Spectacular Tours

A leisurely tour of Bend highlighting The Old Mill District, Bend's Westside, tons of Bend's beautiful parks, and more. Enjoy great views and smooth cruises along Bend's amazing bike paths which overlook the scenic Deschutes River. This electric bike tour is the perfect way to see so much of what makes Bend a special place to visit.